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    Olympian City
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    AR, VR tech
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    ARTech Space


ARTech Space – Leonardo`s Ideal Man?

Hong Kong Innovation Foundation is proud to present the first grand-scale exhibition in Asia in conjunction with Leonardo3 Museum, the global leading institution in the study of Leonardo da Vinci. The exhibition at Olympian City focuses on the Museum’s detailed studies, analysis and translation of the manuscripts by Leonardo da Vinci, the greatest Renaissance Man and pioneer in STEAM studies, presenting an immersive iteration of the world of Leonardo by rebuilding his machines and artworks through the most advanced technology and scientific experiments. Combining both real and virtual experiences, we invite you to immerse yourself in the mind of the great polymath — to think like Leonardo da Vinci.



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Overall – What is ARTech Space

We create & connect with our “ARTech Space” by enabling and stimulating the market by new digital media art. Our AiR Platform solution empowers a global network of leading artists, galleries, libraries and institutions to transform their state-of-art media art works into a new digital experience which can be viewed and engaged on connected landmarking display devices anywhere in your SPACE.

Leonardo da Vinci Interactive Art Experience

Leonardo`s Vitruvian man is not simple art drawing. It is a very new creation that combined of ART and Science as well. He believed that creativity is coming from connecting two different categories even more than that. So we focused on connecting this Vitruvian man and these days new technology which he couldn`t tried.
There are 2 key technologies.
First, there are not any blue screen for capturing user body shape without background. It is calculating distance from sensor and user and also tracking their body shape to capture their pure shape only.
Second, Vitruvian man measurements are distributed in several calculation method and manners. Like as from above the chest to the top of the head is one-sixth of the height of a man. We applied these kind of 12 manners to calculate golden ratio of users. And we transform engaged-user to become a golden ratio.
Finally, we reinvent Leonardo`s Vitruvian man by leveraging new technology.
It provides very new interactive art experience.

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