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Next generation of offline Digital Platform

About Us

IoT Devices Sync

ART TECH SPACE has sync technology which can connect IoT devices in real time at once

24K Resolution Content

We provide 24K super high quality of multimedia to provide realistic experience

UWB Positioning

UWB sensor to detect all user`s movement and interactive experience as well

Data Management

To get user`s data usage to enhance ARTech Space system and user experience as well

The 1st offline platform based startup
from Hong Kong

ARTech Space is the 1st & ever DIGITAL SPACE solution that breaking the geographic barrier for genuine ART experience
through technology in a standardize Hexagon setup

Musee Picasso Paris

Paris, France


Paris, France


Millan, Italy

L3 Museum

Millan, Italy


ARTech Space builds an O2O standardize exhibition space and immersive contents by using IoT devices.


It connects the Media processor, 4K display, webcam, UWB sensor & CCTV into a Hexagon structure and synchronizes in real-time.


It solves the physical barriers on travel. It provides mobility of exhibition and optimizes the productivity on setup.

Competitive edges

It helps to generate shopper’s traffic and collateral consumption. Hexagon shape within 150 sqm that fits the in-mall area. It’s a cost efficiency & short production lead time event.

Create offline experiences
with ARTech Space transformation

ARTech Hexagon structure is flexible to transform to other purpose solution.

Our Team

Each of our team member has a clear role and vision on market innovations by converging with different sector of business.
Now we are ready to come together to create the next generation of digital art solution and experience in the new normal.

Jaekyong Oh

ART - Cheif Curator

Junho Cho


Patrick Cheung


Looking for

2D, 3D Designer

Patrick Cheung | COO

We connect space to space
by leveraging art and tech

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